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Admiralty Chart No. 2125. Latitude: 51° 15'. Longitude: 10° 15'. The Marina is located on Valentia River adjacent to The Pier in Cahersiveen town. From Valentia Harbour the Marina is 2 miles up the Valentia River (Formally Caher River). It can be approached over Doulus Bar in 2.4m or across the sheltered Caher Bar in 1.4m. The pilotage of the river is aided by 12 FG leading lights whose positions are shown on the Chartlet and also two FR Nos 11 and 12. They are mounted on poles with B and Y horizontal bands and are discernible by day. There is also a light FI R 3s on Ballycarbery Spit.

Navigational Direction
(Extract fom Irish Cruising Guide)
From Valentia, a yacht is advised to start as early on the tide as she can cross Caher Bar. The chartlet shows the recommended course, following the five leading leading lines whos bearings are as follows. (outwards in brackets): Nos 1,2,13 &14 - 019° (199°). Nos 4 and 5 - 100° (280°). Nos 7 & 8 - 076° (256°). Nos 3, 4, 9 & 10 0530 (233°). Nos 5, 6, 11 &12 - 035° (215°). As soon as No 9 is past abeam steer 050° so as to pass nearer to nos 11 than to No 10, then follow a mid-channel course till the Marina is reached.

From Dolous Bay at LWS the depth in the bar is not less than 2.4m, but this entrance is not recommended if a big sea is running. Give Black Rocks (Dolous Rocks) a berth of 0.5 cable, then steer for the E end of Beginish as soon as Reenard Point opens to port of it: this line leads closer to Black Rocks than to Kay Rock with 0.9m which is 2 cables E of them. When Lamb Island and the N point of Beginish are about to open, alter course to keep them so astern till Reenard Point opens to the E of Church Island. Then steer to pass 50m E of Church Island so as to avoid Passage Rock, which dries 1.5m and lies under a cable E of the island. Then join the line of Nos 4 & 5 leading lights.

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